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We made our first pitch control units in 1929 for the Hundested engine in connection with our propeller system. This was of the mechanical type with a big hand wheel to change the pitch. A lot has changed since then. We have used this extensive experience to update our units through the years.

Our pitch control units are shaft line units designed for to be installed aft of a standard reduction gearbox without built in pitch control.

This system has many advantages:

  • In combination with a conversion from fixed into a controllable propulsion system.
  • If a very noise and vibration free installation is required.
  • If a reverse function in combination with a CPP system is required.

The shaft line pitch control units all have built in thrust bearing, long stroke for feathering propeller and can be delivered with semi-flexible foundations.
We can supply two different types of pitch control units. The difference is in the way the pitch is activated: It can either be electrically (FR-ELC) or hydraulically (FR-HP) activated. We can also supply a system (FR-HFC) with an O.D. box built on to an existing reduction gearbox without built in pitch control.

The biggest marked for our pitch control solution is the mega yacht industry but we have also delivered to both fishing vessels and ferries.