05 January 2022

At Hundested Propeller we have control. From concept and design to engineering, construction, manufacturing and testing, everything is under the same roof in Hundested, Denmark. This brings several benefits including a high degree of flexibility in customising our products to meet our customer’s needs.

For our customers, this means we can offer short delivery time on spare parts. We can quickly assemble a spare PTO clutch from our parts in stock and ship the next day. Customers tell us this is of great value to them, as downtime costs them money. For fishermen or other commercial vessels, uptime is key. Hundested Propeller is here to keep vessels operating.

The other benefit is that we maintain a large archive of all drawings and information on all our supplied propulsion parts since the beginning of time that’s over 100 years ago 😉! So, when a customer comes to us in need of spare parts, we can quickly find the right part and get them back out on the water.

Looking for controllable pitch propellers, controllable pitch gearboxes, thrusters and pitch control units, come talk to Hundested Propeller.