Art. 9555
For detailed data, contact us The SPS (Saildrive Propulsion System) provide minimal resistance when under sail and during races. The systems have the following features: - The system is lightweight - Using CP Propeller - Capable of both propulsion and regeneration - Require minimum space inside the hull and engine room - Can be positioned near the centre of the vessel, for optimum weight distribution - Highly efficient when motoring. - Replace a normal stern propeller The SPS stays down with the propeller able to go into a feathering position. This will give a little resistance when sailing but the resistance is far less than from a normal shaft, P bracket and propeller in a sailing position. The SPS takes up a lot less space in the engine room since there is no need for a wet box. The SPS can be driven by an electrical motor or a combustion engine. The SPS can have an electrical motor mounted directly on top of the leg. This will take up as little space as possible in the engine room.