Art. 9555-1
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The RPS (Retractable Propulsion System) provide minimal resistance when under sail and during races. The systems have the following features:

- The system is lightweight
- Using CP Propeller
- Capable of both propulsion and regeneration
- Require minimum space inside the hull and engine room
- Can be posisitoned near the center of the vessel, for optimum weight distribution
- Highly efficient when motoring.
- Replace a normal stern propeller

The RPS system can swing up into the wet box in the hull. When the doors are closed there is no resistance when sailing. When down the doors close around the leg so the hull looks smooth. It is only the leg that protrudes from the hull. The wet box takes up app. 2m x 1m x 1m inside the hull.

The RPS can be driven by an electrical motor or a combustion engine.

The RPS will always have the power in at a horisontal direction. The power unit can be aft of the RPS or on the side depending on how it is most convenient. If a combustion engine is used a clutch unit must be mounted on the engine. In the clutch unit it is possible to have 2 PTO/PTI. The PTI can used for regeneration.