Art. 9553-1
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The Hundested FR-HP Pitch Control Unit makes it possible to get all the advantages of a Hundested Controllable Pitch Propeller even in a standard drive line with a conventional reduction gear box (reversible function not necessary) or with direct drive, for example with an electric motor. The Hundested FR-HP Pitch Control Unit is strong and durable with its design and function well proven over many years. Its’ long stroke allows the Hundested Controllable Pitch Propeller to adjust all the way from feathering over ahead to astern. The strong pitch control force ensures quick adjustment of pitch in all conditions even under full load, for superior manoeuvrability.

  • Hydraulically operated.
  • Long stroke.
  • Strong pitch control force.
  • Well proven design and function.
  • Used for direct electric drive or with a standard reduction gearbox.
  • Controlled by hydraulic proportional valve.
  • Available in all sizes, to fit even with the largest Hundested Controllable Pitch Propellers.