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CP Propellers

We Deliver

We have two main categories in our propeller program:
  • The VP-sizes. The VP stands for Variable Pitch.
  • The MP-sizes. The MP stands for Multi Pitch
The propellers range in powers from approx. 150 HP up to 4500 HP depending on engine speed and reduction ratio of the gearbox. The diameter of the propellers ranges from approx. 750 mm up to 4000 mm. We manufacture propeller shafts in one piece in lenghts up to 12m.

Made to order products

We are a made to order business which means that every system is designed especially for the individual project. We have no “standard” system that we pick of the shelf. We deliver complete CP propulsion systems for nearly all types of vessels: Fishing boats, tugs, ferries, coasters, smaller tankers and pleasure boats. We can supply everything from the engine and aft: CP gearbox or pitch control unit, flexible coupling, PTO’s, mechanical or electronic remote control system, intermediate and propeller shaft in carbon or stainless steel, stern tube with your choice of lubrication system, CP propeller with standard or specially designed skewed propeller blades and thrust nozzle.

VP and MP Propellers

The propeller blades are as standard mounted in a traditional split propeller hub. This is the VP system. But can also (for the larger sizes) be delivered in a bolted on version. We call this version MP for Multi Pitch. There are several great advantages of the MP version:
  • It is possible to replace one blade without disassembly of the entire propeller hub.
  • Due to the good sealing system between the hub and blades means that the risk of contamination to the sea is minimal.
  • Grease lubrication is only necessary every 5 years.
Our propellers have a simple but sturdy design with only mechanical parts in the propeller hub. Our design with grease filled hubs enables a design without any critical seals and thus avoids leakages. We are a leading manufacturer of CP propulsion systems for larger sailing yachts which require feathering propellers for minimum drag when under sail.

The Advantages of Controllable Pitch Propellers

  • A fixed propeller, designed for maximum speed, cannot give maximum power at low speed, while a fixed propeller designed for power, cannot achieve maximum speed.
  • With a controllable pitch propeller, it is always possible to obtain full utilization of the engine, irrespective of the purpose of the vessel.
  • Maximum horsepower can be taken from the engine – without overloading – by changing the pitch.
  • Even if the engine drives a winch or a shaft generator, the number of revolutions can be kept constant – and the speed of the vessel can then be regulated by means of the propeller pitch.
  • At speeds lower than the maximum speed the engine’s fuel consumption can be reduced considerably by increasing the pitch and lowering the number of revolutions while maintaining the required speed. In this way, the loading of the engine and the total efficiency of the unit is increased.
  • When using sail and engine power at the same time the correct pitch can always be obtained so that wind and engine together are utilized in the best possible way.
  • Prompt and inexpensive replacement of individual blades in case of damage to the propeller.
  • Engine idle speed on a fixed pitch propeller vessel often propels the vessel too fast for docking manoeuvres whereas a CP propeller offers superior low speed vessel control.