The Hundested FR-ELH Pitch Control Unit makes it possible to get all the advantages of a Hundested Controllable Pitch Propeller even in a standard drive line with a conventional reduction gear box (reversible function not necessary) or with direct drive, for example with an electric motor. Its long stroke allows the Hundested Controllable Pitch Propeller to adjust all the way from feathering over ahead to astern. The strong pitch control force ensures quick adjustment of pitch in all conditions even under full load, for superior manoeuvrability.

The new FR-ELH uses many of the same well proven solutions from the FR-HP model that Hundested Propeller has long experience with. This experience and knowledge combined with many new developments that provides additional benefits to the user.

  • Low energy consumption.
  • Long stroke.
  • Strong pitch control force.
  • Specially developed for electric propulsion and regeneration but can also be used in conventional drive lines.
  • Used for direct electric drive or with a standard reduction gearbox.
  • It’s the same size as an existing Hundested hydraulic FR-HP size VP3-VP4 and easily interchangeable.
  • Improved mounting points making it simple to dismount for servicing without losing the alignment of the propulsion line.
  • Hold propeller pitch without consuming power.

Additional features:

  • Weight: Approx. 100kg.
  • Easy standalone installation. The size is like the hydraulic FR-HP VP3-VP4 model. The only connections are 24V and three wires for feed-back signals.
  • No constantly running hydraulic pumps, tanks or motors required. This also means less noise (noise from hydraulics is significant).

Sizes available: VP3-VP4, with the VP5-VP6 in development.

Watch our sales and marketing manager explain how it works